About Us : MGM Technology

Our Story

Founded in 1997, MGM Technology (aka MGM-Tech) excels in sheet metal fabrication mainly by Laser cutting, NCT punching, CNC bending, Surface finishing, and Parts assembling. Since 2007, MGM Technology has expanded into an Asian-American joint venture with strategic alliance Heaven King.

MGM Technology has multiple ISO:9001 certified design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and R&D operations in the United States.
We are currently building 140,000+ square feet of new manufacturing factories in Asia.

MGM Technology pioneers the art of self-service with award-winning product designs. We create a full complement of vertical solutions range from Digital Signage to highly custom Smart Kiosks, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Vending, Infotainment, Gaming, Smart Appliances, and IoT solutions.

MGM Technology propels niche expertise in creating turn-key solutions, combined with flexible-volume OEM/ODM manufacturing for global vertical markets.

We lead continuous innovations to help our customers stay ahead of the curve, simplify the path to market, increase online and offline brand engagement. MGM Technology delivers results to earn client loyalty from Panasonic and Scientific Games, among other large worldwide brands.


Leo Lai 
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of MGM Technology, Leo Lai is a seasoned entrepreneur and operating executive in product creation, lean manufacturing, industry services, and business development.

Leo applies three decades of industry experience and passion to MGM Technology’s growth strategy.

As an investor, leader, and founder of successful technology-based companies, Leo is known for developing the industry’s top talent with a track record of delivering maximum value to clients and partners.

Leo ensures the success of MGM Technology’s clients by creating and implementing innovative strategies that spur incremental value and growth, delivers results and earns loyalty from large worldwide brands.

Andy Wang 
Chief Operating Officer

As COO of MGM Technology, Andy Wang oversees the corporate strategy, planning, and operations for the organization. Andy has built the company’s portfolio of vertical industry solutions and a team of high-performing industry experts. Andy has been high-tech CIO/COO for 20 years, he brings a distinctive blend of experience across the technology and vertical sectors.

Andy is the mastermind behind MGM Technology’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) workflow systems.

Andy is responsible for MGM Technology’s global strategy and presence. Prior to MGM Technology, Andy has worked with publicly traded industry leaders as well as privately-held technology companies.

Andy was formerly the CIO of Newegg, also held technical leadership roles at IBM and Oracle.

Andy has established a successful track record spanning software, hardware, e-commerce, and services.